Are expensive windshield wipers worth it?

There have been no studies yet that correlate better windshield wipers with human longevity). Our customers who buy the $5.99 blades from some of the discount auto-parts stores find that they can’t see as well in the rain, and the blades don’t last as long. Now, some of the OEM blades seem ridiculously expensive.

Are premium wiper blades worth it?

Pricey wipers can last longer

If you need wipers that can last you through the rain, snow, and dust, you will have to spend more. Pay as much as $30 on blades from reputable companies, such as Honda or Anco, and enjoy the peace of mind throughout the year.

Are cheap wiper blades any good?

Overall, the cheaper blades should do as fine a job of cleaning your car windshield when new. The same applies to generic wiper blades versus well-known brand names. Differences in noise, streaking or cleaning ability has more to do with keeping your blades clean rather than what they’re made of.

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What are the best wiper blades for the money?

Best Windshield Wipers 2021

  • ANCO 31 Series.
  • Valeo 900 Series.
  • Aero OEM Premium.
  • RainEater G3.
  • Trico Force.
  • PIAA Super Silicone.
  • ACDelco Metal.
  • Michelin Stealth Hybrid.

How much should I pay for windshield wipers?

The Best in Auto Repair

The average cost for windshield wiper blade replacement is between $62 and $84. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $33 while parts are priced between $36 and $51.

How long do Bosch windshield wipers last?

Most manufacturers recommend inspecting your wiper blades every six months for wear. Besides wear from exposure to the elements, the rubber component in a wiper blade deteriorates due to road debris, chemicals, climate and ozone exposure. Failures can be identified by excessive noise, streaking and chattering.

Does it matter what kind of windshield wipers you get?

Wiper blades are vehicle specific. The passenger and driver’s side wiper blades are the same size on some vehicles, while on others they are vastly different. The best wiper blade sizes for each of your wipers are selected for proper fitment and to clear the most area on the windshield as possible.

Why are wiper blades so expensive?

Expensive wiper blades wear out faster than cheap ones so that they can be replaced more often in the long run. Do you have cheap or expensive wiper blades or do you often replace your less expensive wiper blade with a more expensive one, for example, a brand new one from a well-known manufacturer?

What should I look for when buying windshield wipers?

5 Tips for Buying the Best Replacement Windshield Wipers

  • How important is finding the correct replacement windshield wipers? …
  • Tip #1 – Choose Beam Replacement Windshield Wipers. …
  • Tip #2 – Choose a Blade With a Performance Spoiler. …
  • Tip #3 – Choose Replacement Windshield Wipers with a Synthetic Rubber Blend. …
  • Tip #4 – Look for a Strong and Durable Wiper Blade Design. …
  • Tip #5 – Cost.
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What brand of wiper blades does BMW use?


Can you use wd40 on wiper blades?

It’s usually best to avoid using petroleum-based solutions, like WD-40, on wiper blades. If you use products like this frequently, they can dissolve the rubber and shorten the life of your blades.

Does RainX damage wipers?

3 Answers. Drawing from years of experience with many glass treatments, if anything, RainX increases the wiper blade life when used properly. This could either be due reduced use of the wipers or the added lubrication between glass and blade.

What are the quietest wiper blades?

What are the quietest windshield wipers?

  • METO T6 Wiper Blade with Water Repellency Polymer Materials.
  • ANCO 30-22 Winter Wiper Blade – 22 Inches.
  • Bosch Aerotwin Top Lock Wiper Blades.
  • Safelite AutoGlass Advanced Windshield Wiper Blade.
  • Rain-X 22-Inches Latitude 2-in-1 Water Repellency Wiper Blade.

Can you replace just the rubber on wiper blades?

Wiper blade and refill

Purchase refills to replace worn rubber part of wiper blades. You don’t have to buy the entire blade. … Most often you can just replace the wiper refill as we show here in this how to change wiper blades article.

How long should wipers last?

six months

Will AutoZone put on wiper blades?

Windshield wiper installation

Most places, including AutoZone, O’Reilly and Advance Auto Parts will also replace your wiper blades for free if you buy them at their store. Really, if you buy wiper blades, chances are the place you’re buying them from will put them on for you at no cost.

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