Frequent question: Can I take used motor oil to AutoZone?

Most AutoZone stores accept used motor oil, as well as other sensitive recyclables (like batteries). Get in touch with your friendly neighborhood location today for all the details. When you’re done dropping off your used oil, you can pick up a fresh jug of new engine oil while you’re there.

How much does AutoZone pay for used oil?

its only like 8 cents a littre or something, but they will take all you got, same with old oil filters.

Does Advance Auto Parts take used motor oil?


It’s easy to be green; stop by your local store to recycle your battery and used motor oil or gear oil. We’ll even give you an Advance Auto gift card for any automotive battery you bring to us to recycle.

How do I dispose of old motor oil?

You can play your part by making sure that you dispose of your old engine oil responsibly. The simplest way to do this is to put it inside the container your new oil came in, and take it to your local council recycling centre to be disposed of.

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Who picks up used motor oil near me?

Call Safety-Kleen for scheduled and emergency pickup of used oil 1-800-323-5040.

Does O’Reilly recycle oil?

O’Reilly Auto Parts collects used motor oil, automotive batteries, transmission fluid, gear oil and oil filters for recycling — free of charge!

Does Waste Management take used oil?

At Your Door Special Collection

In some communities, Waste Management can pick up your electronics, paints, garden chemicals, motor oil and more right from your home.

Does Napa take used oil?

Bring your used oil to a recycling center or a NAPA AUTO PARTS store to recycle it for you. These are the only acceptable methods for oil disposal.

Does Walmart take used oil?

Dispose of used oil at your Walmart Auto Care Center or municipal waste site.

Who pays the most for used batteries?

Where to Sell Used Car Batteries- Getting the Most Money for Your Old Batteries

  • Auto parts store. Check with your local auto parts store. …
  • Scrapyards. …
  • Metal Recycling Center. …
  • Craigslist. …
  • Auto Repair Shops. …
  • Pawn Shops. …
  • Newspaper Ads. …
  • 8. Facebook Marketplace.

Where do you dump motor oil?

Pour your used motor oil back into an empty oil container and take it to your local used oil facility for recycling. Check with the facility as they may also accept your oil filters and oily rags. Many council facilities such as transfer stations, waste management centres or landfill sites accept used oil.

Where do you dump oil after oil change?

If your oil does become contaminated, label the container and take it to your local Household Hazardous Waste collection site for disposal. Don’t take it to an oil recycling site where it could contaminate the tank, making the contents impossible to recycle and expensive to dispose of.

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Can you pour car oil down the drain?

If you change your own oil in your car, NEVER pour used motor oil down a drain in your house or garage, into a sewer or storm drain in the street or a manhole on a sidewalk, alley, or street. Also never pour motor oil directly on the ground or street.

What fluid can be mixed with engine oil for recycling?

Motor Oil & Filter Recycling Preparation

Do not mix in any other car fluids like antifreeze or brake fluid. If you’re collecting oil over time, note that most facilities will not accept more than 5 gallons at one time.

Does AutoZone charge for oil recycling?

Bring your used oil and batteries to your local AutoZone and we’ll recycle them for FREE!

Will Jiffy Lube take used oil?

Jiffy Lube is proud to recycle oil so it doesn’t go to waste or harm the environment. Some Jiffy Lube® locations are designated oil recycling collection centers. … Then they send this used oil to an oil-recycling center. Motor oil recycling doesn’t mean it’s placed back into a vehicle.

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