What is the best Dodge Ram engine?

Since the eTorque system is such an inexpensive upgrade over the base V8, this is the engine we’d recommend. We loved the low grumble of the V8 engine but it’s thirsty when driving in normal traffic. The V8 HEMI with eTorque seems like the best fit for most buyers.

What year Dodge Ram is the best?

The 5 Best Years For A Used Ram 1500

  • 2010 Ram 1500. When it comes to finding a Ram truck that can provide everything you’ll need at a reasonable price, few options offer more than the 2010 Ram 1500. …
  • 2012 Ram 1500. …
  • 2009 Ram 1500. …
  • 2011 Ram 1500. …
  • 2014 Ram 1500.

Is the Dodge Ram v6 a good engine?

The V6 engine is quite powerful enough to provide ample performance as a full-size pickup truck, without any of the added drawbacks in fuel economy. … With an EPA estimated 19 mpg in the city and 24-26 mpg on the highway, the Ram 1500 V6 may just be worth the small loss in horsepower.

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Is the Dodge 5.7 a good engine?

In general, the third-generation Hemi V8s don’t have any significant design flaws, and the 5.7L version is a solid reliable engine. Many owners are faced with a strange ticking sound in the 5.7L Hemi engine coming from the valvetrain, which, however, does not affect anything.

What engine is in Dodge Ram?

Engine Differences: V6 vs. V8 vs. DieselEngineHorsepower/TorqueMax. Towing Capacity3.6L Pentastar® V6 with eTorque305 HP/269 lb.-ft.7,730 lbs.5.7L HEMI® V8 with eTorque395 HP/410 lb.-ft.12,750 lbs.5.7L HEMI® V8395 HP/410 lb.-ft.11,610 lbs.6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel I6370 HP/800 lb.-ft.17,980 lbs.4

How many miles can a Dodge Ram 1500 last?

300,000 miles

What is high mileage for a Dodge Ram?

While Ram offers a best-in-class diesel powertrain warranty of up to 100,000 miles and a gas powertrain warranty of up to 60,000 miles, many drivers have reported driving Ram pickups for over 20 years, with mileage of over 300,000 miles.

Does v6 last longer than v8?

The car with the engine running at a lower RPM (the V8) to deliver the same HP output will outlast the V6 that runs at a higher RPM in terms of wear and tear, Outlast means probably a higher mileage for the V8 before a reconditioning is required.

What truck engine is best?

10 of the Best Truck Engines

  • Ford 3.5-liter High Output V6 (2020 F-150)
  • Nissan 5.6-liter V8 (2020 Nissan Titan)
  • Ram 5.7-liter V8 (2020 Ram 1500)
  • Toyota 5.7-liter V8 (2020 Toyota Tundra)
  • General Motors 6.2-liter V8 (2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2020 GMC Sierra 1500)
  • Ford 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 (Ford F-Series Super Duty)
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Which is faster v8 or v6?

What is a V8? Simply put, V8 engines have eight cylinders mounted in two sets of four, compared to six cylinders in a V6. V8s smoothly produce more power and provide acceleration at a faster rate. However, due to the V8s additional cylinders, these engines consume more fuel than the V6.

Why do Hemi engines tick?

Low quality fuel can cause the hemi tick. Fuels that contain high amounts of ethanol or that are low octane may not properly lubricate the fuel injectors and can lead to a slight tapping or ticking noise. Low-octane gas has also been known to cause an ignition knock in high-performance engines.

Do Ram trucks have transmission problems?

If you’re in the market for a more heavy-duty vehicle, the 2019 and 2020 Ram 2500 have performed well in terms of how the transmission runs for most drivers. Likewise, the last three years of the Ram 3500 have been relatively free of transmission problems.

Why are Hemi engines so powerful?

The Hemi engine, by design, does a better job of burning all the fuel in the cylinder. Also, because of its design versus a flat head, the surface area is smaller and that means less heat escapes, plus peak pressure can be higher. Also advantageous, is the size of the valves.

Which Ram 1500 engine is best?

5.7-Liter HEMI V8 (With eTorque)

In addition to posting better efficiency figures, the V8 with eTorque also sees a bump in towing capacity to up to 12,750 pounds, making it the most capable offering of the bunch.

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Do Hemi engines use more gas?

The Hemi design really scores on that last point. Hemi surface area is smaller than that of a flathead engine, so less heat escapes during combustion – and hotter fuel burns better.

Is the Dodge 4.7 a good engine?

The Dodge 4.7-liter PowerTech V-8 engine has received mixed reviews from owners since its debut in 1999. Yet most of its quality issues center on lack of scheduled maintenance that will doom any engine to an early death.

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