What vehicle comes with a 4l80e transmission?

What year 4l80e will interchange?


What vehicles have 6l80 transmission?

The 6L80E transmission is widely used in such popular GM applications as the Silverado and Sierra trucks, Tahoe, Suburban, Denali, Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, STS and CTS, Camaro, and G8 .

How many quarts of transmission fluid do I need for a 4l80e?


Is the 4l80e a good transmission?

The GM 4L80E Automatic for Max Power and Good Cruisin’

Overdrive transmissions are great inventions. They allow a car to run deep rear gears for tire-smoking or wheel-hangin’ launches yet still maintain some semblance of highway cruising ability. The problem is durability.

How much HP can a 4l80e handle?

In short, Performance Automatic yields a 4L80E engineered to handle 700+ horsepower and comparable torque. 1. The Performance Automatic 4L80E is a proven street/strip (read: overdrive) automatic designed for big-blocks and high-power small-blocks, and the beloved LS.

What years did Chevy use 4l80e?

GM 4L80-E transmission4L80-E/4L85-EOverviewProduction1991–2013Body and chassisClass4-speed longitudinal automatic transmission4

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How much horsepower can a 6l80 transmission handle?

They feature custom nitrided steels to prevent warping, and more durable clutch linings that are more resistant to heat. With these modifications, a 6L80E can handle 500 to 600 rear-wheel horsepower in the typical street/strip application, although we have had customers push them all to the way to 1,000 hp.”

What is the difference between 6l80 and 6l90 transmission?

What is the difference between 6L80 and 6L90 transmission? The main difference between the 6L80 transmission and 6L90 transmission is the strength of the internal components. The 6L90 transmission case is 1-3/8” longer, which provides extra room to house two additional pinion gears (6 total).

What’s the difference between 6l80 and 6l80e?

The gearing spread is a very capable 6.04, with ratios in each gear as follows: compared to your stock JK auto transmission you can see a 6L80e has a much better 1st and second gear along with 2 overdrives. The 6L80 has a maximum RPM limit of 6500 RPM. … The 6L90 case is about 1.4″ (35mm) longer than the 6L80 case.

How many quarts of transmission fluid do I need?

Most passenger vehicles take from 12 to 16 quarts of transmission fluid, but the model of the vehicle dictates the type and how much. While many vehicles come with a dipstick to check the transmission fluid, there are other models that do not.

How many gears does a 4l80e have?

five gears

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 4l80e?

Pull dipstick and wipe clean. Put dipstick back in. Pull dipstick back out and inspect fluid level on it. Put dipstick back in if level is good.

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How much does a 4l80e transmission cost?

A local transmission shop will rebuild a 4L60E for around $900 to $1,200 and a 4L80E for $1,300 to $1,800, with used units going for about $400 and $600 to $1,000, respectively.

Which transmission is better 4l60e or 4l80e?

Given that the 4L80E is the more powerful of the duo and is able to support more demanding applications, it’s pricier than the 4L60E. It’s more expensive price can be tied to its larger size and its use in engines with more horsepower.

What is the difference between 4l80 and 4l80e?

The 4L80 nomenclature denotes that the transmission is a 4-Speed, Longitudinally mounted, and for 8000 lbs. … The 4L80E was designed for vehicles up to 8000 lbs. GVWR and with engines up to 440 ft.

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