Your question: Can you steal your own car from a towing company?

An impounded vehicle is being legally held against the fees for the tow and the cost of the impound per day. Unless you are paying those fees, you may not take your car. You would be charged with breaking and entering and probably a dozen other crimes if you were to ‘steal’ your car out of impound.

What happens if you steal your car back from a towing company?

Originally Answered: What would happen if your car was towed and (using your own key) you retrieved it from the tow lot without paying the tow fee? You would be charged with theft of services against the tow yard to whom you owe the fees. Additionally, they could sue you civilly for the amount owed.

Can a tow company legally keep your car?

You cannot just leave the car there. The tow yard will eventually get a lien and sell the car, but you will owe any fees that the sale doesnt cover.

Can Tow trucks steal cars?

They acknowledge stealing vehicles using a tow truck would be a simple thing for an experienced thief to do. “It’s really easy. It only takes about 30 seconds,” said Travis, a professional driver for A Tow Incorporated, one of the leading tow companies in the Atlanta area.

What happens if you don’t pick up your car from a towing company?

Yes you could but If you choose not to recover your car, you will still have to pay storage fees and even if they decide to sell the car after a certain period of time, whatever monies are still owned they can come after you for the remaining…

What happens if your car is damaged while being towed?

If damage is found by an owner after their vehicle is towed, checking with the company’s paperwork might identify the state of the vehicle prior to being towed. A victim might be able to report any damage to their insurance company. Some towing damages might be covered by an insurance company’s collision coverage.

Can I steal my car back from repo?

A car gets repo’d because you didn’t fulfill your contract obligations of paying for it in a timely fashion. Taking it from the repo lot WOULD be theft. It isn’t YOUR car, until that final payment has been made, and you have the lien released. It belongs to whoever financed it.

Can you fight a tow charge?

– You can expect to pay no more than the lawful maximum fees to tow and store your car. – The company that tows your car must provide you with a notice form that includes the local police number. This is so you can contact the police to dispute the tow if you think your vehicle was unlawfully taken.

How long will a tow company keep your car?

When they tow you for driving with a suspended or revoked license, the agency ordering the impoundment can order your car held for up to 30 days. If you already have one or more convictions for this, they can hold it longer. You must pay all removal, towing, and storage fees to get your car back.

Can you sue a towing company for damaging your car?

Luckily, consumers do have recourse. Take photos of the damage and the tow truck. … At that point, you can also contact your insurance company, and ask them to pay for the repairs under your policy and sue the towing company.

Who pays for towing after an accident?

The insurance company responsible for towing costs depends on the final determination of fault, which may take several days. If you are at fault, you or your insurance company will pay. If the other driver was at fault, they will be liable. However, at the scene of the crime, it may be unknown.

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