Is duralast a AutoZone brand?

AutoZone also sells tools under the Duralast brand which carry a lifetime warranty.

Who manufactures duralast?

The same company that makes DieHard and Sears car batteries produces Duralast car batteries. These can be found at AutoZone stores. This battery matches the performance found in the DieHard batteries, so you have 800+ cold cranking amps.

Are duralast parts good quality?

Their Duralast parts are generally lifetime warranted, and they keep all the documentation on their computer network — i.e. no need to come in with receipts. Prices are also quite good, and the rebuilt items appear to have been well done.

Who makes duralast tools for AutoZone?

Pretty sure most of their stuff is made my JS Industries (Kobalt, Steelman, Greatneck) due to most of them being very similar to the kobalt line with the red/blue indicators.

Is duralast an OEM?

The Duralast Gold’s are well-made – basically OEM quality. The “Value Craft” branded parts are meant to be the bare-minimum quality to be road-ready (not necessarily road savvy). This is applicable to all part-store brands.

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Is duralast made in China?

Duralast belts have been made by Dayco since around 2015 or so. I think before that they were made by Goodyear in Mexico, and then before that they were made by some company in China.

Why is AutoZone stock so high?

AutoZone has helped boost its stock price, in part, by buying back its own stock for nearly two decades. But growing its small business serving professional mechanics and body shops is beginning to yield fruit.

Which is better AutoZone or O Reilly?

Which is best, AutoZone, O’Reilly, or Advance Auto Parts? To my mind, if you compare them by the customer service these companies provide, the worst is Advance Auto Parts. AutoZone has quite favorable prices and store locations. Oreilly has a faster order process and have less auto parts available but more quality.

Which auto parts store has the best quality parts?

Top Auto Parts Stores in the USA:

  • NAPA Auto Parts. NAPA auto parts started their journey back in 1925 in the motor city. …
  • RockAuto. One of the OG of the online auto parts store community, RockAuto was founded back in 1999. …
  • AutoZone. …
  • AutoPartsWarehouse. …
  • Advance Auto Parts. …
  • CARiD. …
  • JC Whitney. …
  • PartzRoot.

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Does AutoZone sell OEM parts?

If something is wrong with your vehicle, take a quick trip to AutoZone for any car, SUV, or truck auto parts you need. We carry both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OE performance. … Browse AutoZone’s parts catalog to find what you need to buy your auto parts online.

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Who manufactures duralast brake pads?

It is in fact manufactured by Bosch, and was developed for autozone. The new pad has improved formulations and more of them. The old pad had 3 formulations for all pads.

Is duralast tools lifetime warranty?

Every Duralast hand tool comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty. If a Duralast tool ever fails, you can get a free replacement at any AutoZone®.

Where are Craftsman tools made?

The majority of Craftsman tools are not produced in the United States. They use many third party manufacturers to make their various products. Beginning in 2010, many of Craftsman’s hand tools (manufactured by Apex Tool Group) began to be assembled in China in Taiwan.

Are aftermarket parts as good as OEM?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts match those that came with your car, and are of the same quality as its original parts. They’re also the most expensive. Aftermarket parts are cheaper, and made by other manufacturers — often several, giving you more options.

How many miles do duralast brake pads last?

The fact that Duralast offers a limited lifetime warranty for all their products speaks volumes about its quality. The mileage you can cover without having to change Duralast brake pads depends on your style of driving, but most brake pad models offered by this brand can last for up to 100.000 miles.

Why is NAPA Auto Parts so expensive?

Napa may purchase the part at a higher cost because they purchase less or couldn’t get the same deal as other companies for whatever reason. Also Napa has to base charges off what they expect to make. Other places may sell more alternators so they can charge less and make money overall.

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