Which car spare parts are cheap in India?

As an example, Honda cars have high spare part costs but overall maintenance costs are low. Same is probably true of Toyota cars. Maruti car parts are cheap, and maintaining it is cheaper compared to any other make in India.

Which car brand has cheapest spare parts?

10 Cheapest Vehicles To Maintain And Repair

  • Large Cars: Toyota Avalon.
  • Sports Cars: Ford Mustang. …
  • Compact/Midsize SUVs: Honda CR-V. …
  • Large SUVs: Nissan Pathfinder. …
  • Minivans: Honda Odyssey. …
  • Compact/Midsize Pickup Trucks: Toyota Tacoma. …
  • Full-Size Pickup Trucks: Ford F-150. …
  • Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks: Nissan Titan XD. RepairPal Index Score 27; average cost $463/year. …

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Which car brand has lowest maintenance cost in India?

See the list below to learn about the best low-maintenance cars available in the Indian market:

  • Maruti Alto 800.
  • Ford Figo.
  • Maruti Celerio.
  • Maruti Alto K10.
  • Tata Motors Nano GenX.
  • Hyundai Eon.
  • Maruti Swift.
  • Hyundai Grand i10.

Are Renault spare parts expensive?

The Renault Kwid is clearly the hatchback with the most expensive parts here. Parts like the timing belt/chain or the radiator hose set cost quite a bit more as compared to the other two cars.

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Where can I buy cheap car parts online?

6 reputable and affordable places to shop for car parts online — according to a car enthusiast

  • Advance Auto Parts. Shutterstock. Shop all auto parts and accessories at Advance Auto Parts now. …
  • Pep Boys. Chris Urso/TBO. …
  • Walmart. Shutterstock. …
  • Amazon. Amazon. …
  • eBay Motors. eBay. …
  • Tire Buyer. Tire Buyer.

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Which car is best for daily use?

Tata Tiago, Maruti WagonR, Honda Jazz, Maruti Swift and Dzire, Renault Kwid, Hyundai Santro, etc are best cars for daily use and city driving.

Which car has low maintenance cost?

Maruti Suzuki Swift

This brand is one of the best cars with the lowest maintenance cost. This 5-seater hatchback has a manual transmission, the fuel efficiency of 21KMPL approximately, maximum power 82 BHP, and engine capacity of 1197Cc.

Which car has highest mileage?

2.46 Crore. The most popular Top Mileage Cars include Volvo XC90 (42 kmpl), BMW 7 Series (39 kmpl) and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios (26 kmpl). The top brands that produce best mileage cars are.

Top Mileage Cars in India 2021.

Model Price Mileage
Hyundai Aura Rs. 5.92 – 9.30 Lakh 25 kmpl
Hyundai i20 Rs. 6.79 – 11.32 Lakh 25 kmpl

Which car is best Maruti or Hyundai?

Maruti Suzuki leads in small car segment ( Alto, K10, Swift, Wagon R etc) while Hyundai offers more features and detailing which in turn has some of the best cars in higher price tag range( i20, Xcent, Creta, Verna etc).

Which is best car in low budget?

Top 5 Cars Under 5 Lakh

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Model Price in New Delhi
Tata Tiago Rs. 4.85 – 6.84 Lakh*
Renault KWID Rs. 3.12 – 5.31 Lakh*
Maruti Wagon R Rs. 4.65 – 6.18 Lakh*
Maruti Alto 800 Rs. 2.99 – 4.48 Lakh*

Is Renault cheap to maintain?

Ranked from cheapest to most expensive, and using data from the 2017 Kinsey Report, here’s a summary of the running costs of Renault’s model range. With very simple mechanical bits, sparse standard specification, and reasonably affordable service- and repair parts, the Kwid should prove to be quite cheap to maintain.

Is Renault servicing expensive?

The estimated maintenance cost of Renault KWID 2015-2019 for 6 years is Rs 25,610. The first service after 2000 km, second service after 10000 km and third service after 20000 km is free of cost.

What is the maintenance cost of Renault triber?

Renault Triber Service Cost & Maintenance Schedule

Service No. Kilometers / Months Total Cost
1st Service 10000/12 Rs.780
2nd Service 20000/24 Rs.1,170
3rd Service 30000/36 Rs.1,440
4th Service 40000/48 Rs.3,640

Where can I buy OEM parts?

Where to purchase: Although you can purchase OEM parts online, most drivers simply go straight to the dealership for these parts. If you choose to have your vehicle repaired by a local mechanic, the shop might have access to OEM parts but will have to order them in most cases, prolonging the repair process.

Why are car parts cheaper online?

Online Parts Costs

You cannot compare those prices to parts purchased online. Online shops do not carry an inventory. They all get their supply from distributors that are willing to dropship for them.

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Why are Rockauto parts so cheap?

They are cheaper because of volume sales. I have bought thousands in parts from them and saved thousands,they also E-mail you discount codes that save you money too. They do sell different grade parts ,but I always buy name brand.

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